Free Slurpee Day

Today was free Slurpee Day.  Since *someone* decided to move to the other side of the country, unlike previous years, I didn’t do a full-on Slurpee adventure, but I couldn’t resist getting just one:

Day 20

Update:  OK, two free Slurpees.  But it wasn’t my fault. I was out for a run and discovered that there is a 7-Eleven at Heather & 2nd Avenue.  My planned run was and out-and-back along the False Creek Seawall, so it only made sense to extend my run further along the seawall so that by the time I got back to Heather & 2nd, I’d have completed my 9 km and I could grab a free Slurpee, then use the rest of the walk back as my cool down.

Free Gatorade Slurpee!

Plus, it was a Gatorade Slurpee.  So really, it’s just free electrolyte replacement.  It’s science, people. Science made me have a 2nd free Slurpee.