Apparently I scale walls when I run

So yesterday I was out for a run and, as I mentioned yesterday, I’m using an iPhone app that tracks my pace.  The first few times I did it, I was constantly checking my iPhone because I didn’t really have a good sense of how fast I needed to be running.  Now that I’ve done a few timed runs, I’m a little more familiar with how fast a 6:30 pace feels, so I find I don’t need to check it as often.  Anyway, I needed to do a 4 km run yesterday, so I had planned out a 4.5 km route, to give me some room for a bit of a warm up and a cool down walk.  I set off on my run, checked my pace early on and, seeing that I was on target, didn’t check it for awhile.  When I got to what I thought was ~3 km mark, I checked my iPhone with the thought, “I must be close to the end of the 4 km,” wondering where I was supposed to stop running and start my cool down walk.  And my app said I’d run ~1.5 km.  What the what?  I was sure that I’d mapped out a 4 km route, I was sure that I’d followed said route and I was sure that it wouldn’t have taken me this long to run a meager 1.5 km!

As it turns out, I must have accidentally hit the pause button when I first checked the app, so it wasn’t recording the running from that point until I again checked the app, about 2 km later.  I hit the resume button so it would at least record the rest of the run.  Here’s what the map showed after my run:


The blue line is the route I’d intended to run and the red line is supposed to be what I “actually” ran. Notice how I disappear at the bottom right of the map and then magically appear a several blocks southwest of that?  Apparently this app thinks I’m magical!

Even funnier, though, is the elevation diagram, which shows me instantaneously at a much higher elevation1 than I was the moment before at around the 1.5 km mark:


At least my app has faith in my super human abilities!

  1. and pace, though that is because I’d slowed down to a walk to try to figure out what was up with the app []