Tag Cloud of Search Terms

Over on Darren’s blog, he made some tag clouds using the keywords that people searched for and then ended up on his blog.  I’m always one to steal other people’s ideas1, so here’s my tag cloud using the top 100 search terms people have used to end up on my blog so far in 2010 (click here for a bigger version):

blog searches 2010The biggest search term – “beth snow blog” – makes sense, but I find it amusing that the other major search terms that landed people on my blog are for:

  • someone else’s photo (“quatchi kid”)
  • a program that I never completed (“200 squats”)
  • the incorrect name of a program I never completed (“100 squats” and “100 squat(s) challenge”)
  • the name of my blog with a typo in it (“no to be trusted with knives”)
  • something someone else said in a comment (“radicalized geese”)

I’m not sure what someone Googling “radicalized geese” is looking for, but I’m fairly certain I’m not delivering.

Though you can’t really see them very well here, if you click through to the bigger version you’ll see that quite a few people landed here looking for information on the presence of one Mr. Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks at the illustrious Roxy night club in Vancouver.  So I know that at least *some* of the people coming here are in the right ball park.

  1. in my defence, he gave detailed instructions of how to do this using Google Analytics and Wordle, so he was pretty much asking for it []