Might I Suggest…

Dear bicyclists – Might I suggest that you wear a helmet? I mean, besides the fact that it’s the law in BC, I’m not much interested in having my tax dollars pay for your intensive care when you scramble your brains because you didn’t want to mess up your pretty hair.

Dear everyone walking on Kits beach – Might I suggest that you not walk four people across the path so that an innocent jogger cannot get by? Might I also suggest that when you hear running footsteps come up behind you, and then a voice says, “excuse me,” you do not stop dead in your tracks and swing around with your arms flailing in every directions so that no matter where said jogger goes, she’ll be running into some part of you?

Dear lady at the grocery store – Might I suggest that you not brag about how environmentally friendly you are while you have your two items placed in a plastic bag, which you happily take?

Dear people on the ferry – Might I suggest that you don’t turn your car on until you see the cars in your lane start to move, you know, like they freaking tell you to in the announcement? I much prefer not breathing in your exhaust fumes for 15 mins while you idle.

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  1. And dear people walking on rural roads – might I suggest that you walk “facing” traffic, not with your back to traffic …. and might I suggest that you do not wear your earphones or text message as you walk at night on those rural roads … and might I suggest that you walk by yourself or with just one person, behind your friends rather than 3-4 people abreast spilling over onto the driving lane … and finally, might I suggest that you do not wear dark hoodies at night. I would love to be able to see you and have you see me. Great post, Beth! We share the same rants about these things! Oh, one final thought …

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