Quatchi the Samsquantch

In my Google Reader, along with feeds of all the blogs I read1, I have the feed of a Flickr search for Quatchi, the most adorable of the  Olympic mascots.  During the run up to, and for the duration of, the Olympics, there were tonnes of photos of of this adorable the sasquatch every day. Not surprisingly, there are far fewer Quatchi photos posted in Flickr these days, but I still usually get a few a week.  Like this one of Quatchi eating a French fry, which I can’t post here because it’s copyrighted as “All Rights Reserved.”  But seriously, French fries are my favourite food in the whole world!  It’s like we are twins!

Anyway, the other day this picture popped up in the feed and I nearly snorted milk out of my nose2 (this is a screen shot of the Flickr photo page, so you can see the title):

quatchi the samsquantch

Quatchi, you crazy Samsquantch, you!

  1. and a bunch that I don’t. Note to self: clean up your Google Reader! []
  2. except for the minor fact that I don’t drink milk []