It’s Always In The Last Place You Look

For most of this week, I’ve been unable to find this:


I mean, I had the cord that I use to synch my iPhone to my laptop (the end of which is seen on the right side of that photo), but I couldn’t find the end (that little cube looking thing on the left side of the photo) that you attach to the cord so that you can plug the iPhone into the wall to charge it (what is that thing called?).  I have been plugging my cord into my laptop to charge it, but it’s been driving me crazy that I couldn’t find the other piece. The last place I’d remember seeing it was in my car – I also have a car charging dohickey that I plug into my car outlet1 and then I can charge my phone by attaching the cord to the dohickey, but to do so, you have to take off the little boxy attachment (what IS that thing called?). So I searched my car – I looked under the seats and in the glove compartment and, well, that’s really it.  I mean, it’s a small car, how long could it really take to search? But it wasn’t there. And I searched my apartment and couldn’t find it there either. I was expecting to have to go to the Apple Store this weekend to buy a new one. And then I found it and you will never believe where I found it.

It was in my running shoe.  Seriously. Any other week and I would have found it days ago, what with me doing the training for a half marathon and all. But after I got sick on Monday night, I was recovering on Tuesday, then Wednesday I had to get ready for my Thursday night class (and I may also have been watching the season finale of Big Brother while I worked on my course), then Thursday was class (which I only just made it to campus in time for, as I had an afternoon meeting that went waaaaay longer than scheduled, so I barely had time to grab a bagel for dinner, much less time to go for a run). Which brings us to today and despite the fact that I was heading into Vancouver for Raul’s birthday dinner, I was determined to get a run in after work – you know, since I’m supposedly training for a half marathon or something. Anyway, I’m rushing to get ready for my run and I grab my shoe to put it on and lo and behold, there’s my thingy, right inside my shoe! Not sure how it got in there – possibly I had it on my little table by my front door and it fell off into the shoe below, or maybe I absentmindedly dropped it in there when I was carrying my shoes, the thingy and a variety of other items from my car to my house after my Monday night run. Or perhaps the universe put it there to point out that I haven’t run since Monday2!

But regardless of how it got there, I’m happy to have it back again!

  1. which in cars of days gone past would have been a cigarette lighter – now it just a socket for plugging in gadgets []
  2. stupid universe. It totally would do something like that []