Zaphod’s 30,000 km

IMG_1389So my beloved Zaphod Beeblebrox the Car hit the 30,000 km mark this past week, which meant it was time for her second service appointment. For her first appointment, I took her to the dealership in Vancouver where I bought her, but this time I thought I’d take her to the Surrey location, what with the living and working in Surrey now. That is, until I called to book the appointment. I asked if I could get a loaner car for the day and the receptionist told me in a very contemptuous tone, “We don’t give out loaner cars. You can rent one from us, but they are *very* expensive.” When I said, “You are going to have my car all day. What do people do without a loaner car?” she replied, ‘They have *someone* pick them up.”  “Ah, yeah, so that doesn’t work for me.” [click].  So I decided to go back to the Vancouver dealership, since they wil give me a loaner. Rather inconvenient to have to drive all the way to Vancouver and back before the start of work, but at least I got a loaner car!

And the loaner car was pretty sweet. It was brand new1 and convertible2, but the best part was the fancy bluetooth goodness that lets you use your car as your iPod and your phone. Seriously. Just like you pair your phone with your bluetooth headset, you can pair your phone with your car. I remember Air telling me that her new car does this, but I hadn’t actually seen it in action until yesterday in the loaner car.


This is me, listening to the music on my iPhone through the car stereo via bluetooth, unlike in my current car, where I have to plug it in with a cord like a sucker:


And this is me searching through my contact list to make a phone call:


When you make the call, the sound of the person you are talking to come through car’s speakers. There must be some kind of a microphone in the car too, because you just talk to the car and the person on the other end hears you. I think if I had this in my own car I would set up t least one of my  friends’ names as KITT in my contact list, just so that I could have “KITT” on the screen while I talked to my car. Because I’m awesome like that.

For the record, my car’s fuel efficiency since I’ve had it has been 6.15L/100 km and I’ve spent a grand total of $1,848.48 since I bought it.

  1. with not even 300 km on it []
  2. though yesterday’s rainy weather was not ideal for putting the top down []

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