Happy World Statistics Day!


I can’t believe that I didn’t even realize that today is 20/10/2010!!

Fortunately, my Official Statistician & Tattoo Consultant, Dr. Dan, brought this momentous occasion to my attention via The Twitter1.  It is also World Statistics Day, the day on which we celebrate all the awesomeness that is statistics.

So today I encourage everyone to hug a statistician or other number-loving geek if you do not have a statistician readily available!

Image Credit: Posted by Koen Vereeken on Flickr.

  1. he, in turn, was informed by Dr. Steph, so really I also owe Dr. Steph props for making sure I was informed of this []

2 Replies to “Happy World Statistics Day!”

  1. How on earth would I ever know to go and grab a statistician, if it weren’t for you, Beth?? 🙂 Thanks for pointing out this very statistically important day. Teh awesome!

    Hope all is well with you!

    Hugs, T.

  2. Glad that my blog could be of service in keeping you informed of such key occasions, Tanya! Hope all is well with you too – and that you found a statistician to hug!!

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