Vegetarian Lady Gaga

So this year for Hallowe’en I went as Vegetarian Lady Gaga – I wasn’t about to make a dress out of meat, so I made one of kale and Swiss chard… and a bit of lettuce when I ran out of kale.

IMGP1567 lady-gaga-meat-dress-01

IMGP1563 IMGP1566

Two things I learned:

  • kale is a lot heavier than it looks – so I spent much of the evening pulling up my dress which was threatening to fall off all night.
  • kale has a weird smell. Not a strong smell – when I mentioned it to Cath, so had to lean into smell my dress because it’s a faint smell – but it is weird.

Props to the hosts of the party I went to last night, Cath & Mark:


Guys, I apologize for the remnants of kale you probably found around your place this morning!

4 Replies to “Vegetarian Lady Gaga”

  1. Subconsciously you used kale because it is one letter away from my name. 😛

    I can’t believe you actually went so all-out on this. Lot better result a few hours than if it had been meat, I imagine. *shudder*

  2. @Kalev – Indeed, I did. I’m going to start calling you just “kale” from now on! As for going all out – well, “go big or go home” is my life’s motto!

    @Cath – It’s an honour to be in such company as Valkyrie-in-drag!

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