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On my way to the 12 Bars on Christmas!

I’m all dressed up in my Christmas finest1, have stowed my car safely at Linda’s place2, and am now waiting for the bus to take me to bar #1.

Expect some festive drunk tweets tonight, people.

  1. which I would totally post a photo of if I could only figure out how to add a photo to my blog posting through the WordPress app on my iPhone []
  2. where I’m staying tonight, as I figured that after 12 bars I just might be a wee bit over the 0.05 drunk driving limit and I didn’t relish the idea of paying for a cab ride to Surrey! []

2 Responses to On my way to the 12 Bars on Christmas!

  1. Kalev Hunt says:

    The cost of a cab to Surrey would rival the cost of your student debt! o_O

  2. Beth says:

    lol! I know! And I doubt any cab driver would want to drive me to Slurrey, even for $70K.

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