Snow Much To Do

Sorry, I couldn’t resist that horrible play-on-words. Someone once gave me a “to do” list notepad that said “snow much to do” at the top and now I can’t even think the phrase, “I have so much to do” without that popping into my head.  Anyway.  I only have three working days1 left in 2010 and only four days left before I head off to Ontario on my Christmas holidays2. And before I leave I have:

  • three full days of work
  • a Christmas lunch at work tomorrow
  • finally going to see Harry Potter tomorrow night
  • a Christmas dinner for my office on Thursday
  • baking something for Friday’s Christmas party after Thursday’s dinner
  • Friday night’s Christmas party
  • hair appointment on Saturday3
  • potentially another Christmas party on Saturday4
  • marking papers on the plane, because when the hell else am I going to get to them?

And once I get to Ontario, the crazy busy-ness doesn’t stop.  Events in ON include, but are not limited to:

  • day with Kalev, which he has most awkwardly dubbed the Kethocalypse5
  • a trip to Ottawa to see Sarah, Dave and the kids and Shelley!
  • Christmas baking – CyberCookies goes live this year!
  • seeing a variety of family members and friends in the GTA6
  • at some point, I’ll need to finish my Christmas shopping
  • spa evening with my mom and sister
  • my sister’s ultrasound!
  • the whole Christmas thing
  • partying with Dr. Dan!

Tonight I fully intended to clean my messy, messy apartment but instead, I’ve been writing Christmas cards. I’m sure that Santa will clean my apartment while I’m gone, right? Omg, Christmas would be so much better if Santa showed up on Christmas Eve and cleaned your apartment.

  1. where by “working days” I am referring to my day job. I still have marking to do from this semester’s course and prep for next semester’s course – assuming there is sufficient enrolment for that course, which I should find out relatively soon, at which time I’ll tell all y’all about it []
  2. would be thieves – my landlords will be here, so don’t even think about it! []
  3. because omg my roots are ridiculous! []
  4. if I’ve finished packing before then, since I have a flight at at way-too-early-o’clock on Sunday morning []
  5. since I’m spending the holidays in Toronto, where he lives, and he’s spending the holidays in Vancouver, where I live, we cleverly booked our holidays to in such a way that we got a day of overlap in Toronto, but we both still depart before the end of AirMiles “low season,” so it didn’t cost us as many AirMiles as it would if we departed during high season []
  6. Greater Toronto Area, for my non-Ontarian readers []

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