Twelve Months of Not To Be Trusted With Knives

So December 29 seems like a pretty good time to steal this year-in-review type meme from Cath’s blog. The idea is to post the first line of the first blog posting of each month of the year (and the name of each month is a link to the full posting). But I’m not much of one for following rules, I’m posting the first *two* lines of every posting. I know, I know – I’m *such* a rebel.  Here goes:


The roster for the Canadian Men’s Olympic Hockey team was announced on Wednesday. Since that time, the analysts here at NTBTWK have been conducting a thorough analysis of the roster.


So, I’ve found a new place to live.  I have to tell you I was ridiculously stressed out when I got the news that I had to move.


When I was a kid, we had the Calgary ’88 Olympics glasses from Petro-Canada. I’d be willing to bet that most Canadians remember these glasses – everyone I’ve mentioned them to recently has said, “The ones with the gold that flaked off?”


Extra long weekend… = extra short blog posting. So happy to have four days off!


Tomorrow, Alicia and I will be running the 8 km race at the BMO Vancouver International Marathon.  We are training to run the Scotiabank half marathon in June1 and figured that the 8 km would be a nice training run2.


For the couple of weeks, I’ve been in the mood to try out some new recipes.  And, you know, every time I cook something new, I’m reminded how much I love cooking!


(*Note: This posting had no words, so I’m posting the title and the picture that comprised the posting)

Facebook doesn’t understand Canadian politics

Facebook doesn't understand Canadian politics


Yesterday was the first day of my weeklong vacation, which I decided to take before school starts up and things start to get crazy. I decided to spend the day taking a road trip down to Seattle with Kalev.


I have long wanted to try making cinnamon buns, but to be honest, I’ve been kind of scared that they’d be a disaster. I don’t know why – usually I’m confident in my cooking and baking – but cinnamon buns seemed like too big a mountain to climb.


So yesterday was Blasphemy Day and today, apparently, is World Vegetarian Day. If it turns out that tomorrow is International Hockey Player Day, I’m going to declare this Beth Week!


Yesterday was a double hockey day!  First up was a game with the Blazing Blades, which was all well and good until the goalie popped her knee! 


A couple of weeks ago Dr. Dan invited me to beta test a site that a friend of his created. I’ve been *dying* to tell all y’all about it (mostly because I’m usually the last person to hear about anything and it’s fun to be among the first), but I was sworn to secrecy until launch date.

So that’s covers hockey (including hockey hotties), running, cooking, politics, the Olympics, a road trip, moving, blasphemy, and one seriously phoned in blog posting. Seems pretty representative of the year to me.

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