At The Airport

I cannot believe that 18 days have gone by since I left Vancouver for the holidays. In some ways, it seems like I just got to Toronto and now I’m heading back. But then I think about all the things that I did and can’t believe I haven’t been here for six months. As I’m sure you noticed1, I barely blogged, tweeted or FourSquared the entire time I was gone. That’s how busy I was! It was not stop baking-visiting-cooking-hosting-shopping-visiting-hosting-playing-partying. Almost every night I was up ’til midnight or 1 a.m. or later, and then awakened at 7:30 a.m. by my wee niece, ready to play2!

And I must be getting soft in my old age – either that or it’s the sleep deprivation delirium talking – but despite the fact that it’s way too freaking cold and there are no mountains or oceans anywhere, I didn’t hate Toronto. I know! Who is this Beth that would say such a thing?? I think it may be due to living in the ‘burbs for the last ten months, so staying at a home with shops and restaurants within walking distance and accessible transit to get you wherever else you need to go seemed like a treat! And I love hanging out with Nancy, Jeff and Madeline so much. Honestly, they are freaking awesome! Plus, I was only a quick flight away from Ottawa, where I got to hang out with Sarah, Dave and the kids, who are also ridiculously awesome. And I got to see other family members and friends that live here that I haven’t seen in ages – though 18 days did not give me enough time to see everyone and those who I did see, I didn’t get to see for nearly enough time! So while my heart is in Vancouver, I felt this time like a piece of my heart is also in Toronto. </sappniess>

My flight will be boarding any minute now, so I better wrap this posting up. But be prepared for a bunch of postings in the next few days, as I have many, many awesome things to document and will have ample free time given the lack of anyone at my house to play brachiosaurus with.

  1. because I am, after all, a rampant narcissist []
  2. not that I’m complaining, because I get to see her so rarely that I cherish every moment I get, even if it means less sleep than I might like! Also, on those few days that I *really* needed it, Madeline did let me sleep in! []

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