Show Me Your Teeth

Day 203

So, as I mentioned yesterday, I went to the dentist. When I started seeing the orthodontist to get my braces, I also decided to switch dentists, both because my old dentist’s office is located in Vancouver near where I used to live (and that is oh so inconvenient for me to go to now) and because apparently it’s important for your ortho and your dentist to work well together and so I decided to move to a dentist that works quite often with my orthodontist and whose office is located in my neck of the woods. Of course, seeing a new dentist means you end up with a bunch of appointments – first a new patient exam so she can check out every square millimetre of your mouth in case you have cavities, gum disease, cancer, hoof & mouth disease, zombism1, or Leprechauns2 growing in there3. Then you get an appointment for dental hygiene (the part where they scrape junk off of your teeth) and then you get an another appointment to fix your fissure sealants that you got like a million years ago but are only expected to last for like five years due to the wear and tear of eating. Plus they had to fill a wee cavity4. While filling said cavity, the dentist used a dental dam. Is it just me or is dentistry not the first thing you think when you hear the words “dental dam“?

In other news, I can’t get Lady Gaga’s “Show Me Your Teeth” out of my head. This video is probably NSFW, depending on where you work. You know, like if you work in a dental office, this might be considered an educational video.

I credit/blame Dr. Dan for introducing me to this particular song.

  1. screw you, Spell Check,  zombism is too a word! []
  2. the word “Leprechaun” is capitalized?  Are you fucking with me, Spell Check, just because I said “screw you”? []
  3. Dr. Dan, tell Rick I wrote that last one just for him! []
  4. thankfully, my teeth and gums are overall quite healthy and there were no signs of cancer, zombism or Leprechauns. Just a wee cavity, to which my dentist actually said, “We just have to fill a little cavity. Yay!!” []