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Hey, remember that time I got paid $20 to watch porn?

So I was telling someone the other day about that time I got paid $20 to watch porn. For science. I was watching porn for science1! Anyway, it got me to thinking: did they ever publish that research? So, being the astute scientist that I am, I searched ye ole PubMed and found this:


You can’t access the full paper without a subscription to the journal/a university library account, but you can read the abstract here.

So now I guess I can say that I’ve been published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine! And here I thought “Bone” would be the dirtiest sounding journal I’d ever be in!

  1. For the uninitiated, I was a subject in a research study that was looking at the relationship between estrogen, testosterone, and cortisol levels in women and sexual desire & response []


Happy 100K Page Views To Me!

So the other day I noticed that I was quite near to having 100,000 page views here on ye ole blog1, so I’ve been checking in periodically to see if I could catch it right when I hit the 100K mark. Yesterday, I noticed that I was only 111 page views away:


So I tweeted that, in the hopes that it would prompt some Twitter followers to check out my blog and thus bump up those numbers2. And then I promptly got distracted – oooh, something shiny! – and when I remembered to look at it later, I was 10 page views past the milestone:


Happy 100,010 to me!

  1. Of course, this is just on this particular URL – so only going back to Jan 2009. I had a bunch o’ page views on the old URL, but since I wiped it out when I transferred it here, I don’t think I can recover those stats []
  2. Shameless self promotion FTW!! []