Wednesday Night’s Goal Is Dedicated To My Sister

I wrote this on Thursday, but apparently did not post it. Because I am just *that* organized these days. Le sigh.

So the playoffs for my second hockey team started last night Wednesday night. And can you guess who scored the GAME WINNING GOAL? In overtime, no less? With only 25 seconds to go? It wasn’t a pretty goal by any stretch – I just headed straight for the net while my centreman took the puck in and managed to pick up her juicy rebound and shovelled it in. But a goal is a goal and winning the game in OT – and avoiding the dreaded shootout! – is super awesome!

On my way to the game, I was talking with my sister. She is 8 months preggers now and has all sorts of craziness going on around her at work, so I’m dedicating last night’s Wednesday night’s goal to her!

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