Derek’s Memorial

There was a public memorial for Derek today at the Granville Island Stage. It was beautiful and touching, with people from all aspects of his life saying a few words, talking about what Derek meant to them, telling stories of what they remember, and his band played.
Some member of The Odds, who Derek knew, spoke and then left saying they “had to get to their next gig”1.

As was mentioned on Twitter, it was the first memorial I’ve ever been to that had a Twitter live stream and its own hashtag (#welovederek).

Enjoying photos of Derek with live tweets. #weLOVEderek #weLOVEairdrie <3

Also tonight, there was a story about Derek on the National – you can watch it here.

And finally, there is a trust fund for the Miller family, to which donations can be made at Vancity Credit Union branches or via PayPal.

Image Credit: Posted by StacieBee on Flickr.

  1. Turned out, their next gig was playing at tonight’s Canucks game []

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