Updates: Bootcamp & Bike

Two things:

  • Day 2 of Pre-Hockey Bootcamp was much easier than Day 1. That is to say, it still kicked my ass, but slightly less so than Day 1. Also, I discovered that I am super kickass at skipping. On Day 1 we did our skipping on the grass and I wasn’t very good at it. Yesterday, we skipped on pavement and I was super duper fast and barely tripped up at all when I was doing the skipping1. I may or may not have rewarded myself for surviving Day 2 with a nice, cold beer.
  • After deciding that I did, in fact, want to buy a hybrid bike2, I discovered that I can’t fit hybrid bikes in the trunk of my car. At least not the three that I tried at the shop yesterday3. The handlebars are just a bit too wide and it makes it so that I can’t fit the bike, even with both tires taken off, fully into my trunk. We even tried taking the seat off one of them, but it still wouldn’t fit. And I really don’t want to have to disassemble my entire bike every time I bring it somewhere. Two of the bike shop guys even suggested (independently of each other) that I could just leave the top part of my hatchback open with the bike sticking out a bit, but I live in freaking Vancouver, where it rains 13 months a year, so I nixed that idea immediately. I’m going to go out to a few other bike shops on Sunday to look at brands that they didn’t carry at Dunbar Cycle (e.g., Kona and Trek – as well as MEC has its own line of bikes), but I may, just may, have to go for a road bike instead. It wouldn’t be the end of the world, because I really did like the feel of the Giant Avail!
  1. I’m sure this will come as a major surprise to Sarah, who I’m sure remembers the pathetic display of uncoordination that was me trying to skip in grade 9 gym class! []
  2. For all the reasons mentioned by commenters on my previous post about buying a bike []
  3. The Norco Indie 2, the Devinci Stockholm, and the Giant Seek []