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Day 6 – Half Way There! #lg4cf

Today’s blog posting will be brief ‘cuz I’m writing it on my phone since I’m in bed and there’s no wifi here in RV World1 and I’m too tired to either drag my laptop inside the building or even get my laptop out and tether it to my phone.

I had another one of those 4 hour, instead of 8 hr, breaks (ugh) today. So I played last night from 8 am to 12 pm, then 4 to 8 pm and then I play again at 4 am. Hence why I’m in bed at 9.30. Highlights from today include that Krista Lee brought me an extra blanket ‘cuz I’m so freaking cold – plus super yummy chocolate bark and Kalev came to visit brought me a bunch of stuff I’d asked him for (Advil, Tylenol, throat lozenges, etc.), plus a bunch of medical donations that he’d already picked up after my blog posting about our need for it and my friends Candace and Roger came to cheer me on with their two adorable little boys! Also, I scored a few more goals – I’m now up to 29!

In donation news, in addition to Sarah and Jody, my friend Karen is also going to donate $1 per goal and my friend Mel is also donating $1 per goal, plus 50 cents per hour that I play! I also got a donation from someone that I don’t even know! Plus, my sister just donated $27 – because my jersey number is 27! You should totally do that too!

Oh yeah, and we reached the HALF WAY MARK in the game this morning! And we may have played Living on A Prayer at that time. Ooooooh, we’re halfway there!!!

  1. That’s what we call the fenced in area of the parking lot of Burnaby 8 Rinks that contains our RVs and is the only place outside of the building that we are allowed to be in. []


Day 5 – Posting #2 – Can You Match Sarah’s Pledge of $1 per Goal I Score? #lg4cf

I'm a PlayerSo, have I ever mentioned how awesome my friend Sarah is? She’s pledged to donate $0.01 for every goal the white team scores and $1 for every goal that *I* score!

And then my friend Jody pledged to match her! That’s $2 to Cystic Fibrosis research for every goal I score in this game!

I’d like to see how many other people I can get to pledge! Will you?


Day 5 – Medical Supplies Needed #lg4cf

Anyone out there happen to have a lot of extra medical supplies on their hands? Because we are in desperate need of them!

As it turns out, playing 8-12 hours of hockey per day is pretty hard on your body. And thus, we are going through medical supplies at an alarming rate! Our volunteers are approaching stores that we are hoping can provide us with stuff, but I figured it can’t hurt to blog it as well.

IMGP3271To give you a sense of what it’s like, here’s my medical regimen before each session:

  • squares of Second Skin on my one blister and my one place is that about to be a blister; covered with Tegaderm
  • squares of Second Skin on my lace bite; covered with moleskin
  • moleskin on the backs of my ankles (preventing blisters that I could feel forming) and on my arm where the strap of my chest protector is chaffing
  • one Advil, one Tylenol
  • Tiger Balm on my back
  • back taped up by the physiotherapist
It seems like every session I have to add a new thing to my regimen. It started with just the moleskin in the back of my ankles and has progressed to the point I’m at now. Should be interesting to see what it gets to by Day 10!
I’ve also been for physiotherapy, massage and do lots of stretching – both on and off the ice. And I have to apply lip balm at every single opportunity as my mouth is getting pretty ripped up from a combination of the cold, dry air in the rink and constantly popping my mouth guard in and out. And I’m in relatively good shape – many people have more (and worse) blisters, much worse lace bite and all sorts of other medical issues to deal with. There have actually been some very clever MacGyveresque  solutions to our medical issues – my favourite being the use of pieces of yoga mat and saran wrap to prevent the worsening of lace bite!


My three best friends

My three best friends: lip balm, Tiger Balm, and ibuprofen.



Day 4 – Everything Is Opposite #lg4cf

It seems like everything here in LG4CF Land is the opposite of how things operate in the usual world.

  • Usually when one is planning out their meals, they want things that are lower in Calories, low in simple sugars and low in salt. But here, I’m trying desperately to find foods with lots of Calories, plenty of sugar and let’s not forget to have extra salt!
  • I have no appetite. Despite the insane number of Calories that I’m burning by playing 8 or 12 hours of hockey per day, I really haven’t wanted to eat. I know I *have* to eat, so I’m forcing myself to, but I’m having to force myself to1 – that never happens in the real world.
  • We cheer when one of our own teammates ices the puck… because it means less skating – as no one chases the puck – except the poor refs who have to go and fetch it!
  • A three-on-nothing turns into an icing instead of a scoring chance because the players don’t want to skate that far.
  • Teammates will tell each other: “Don’t back check. Just float up around the blue line – that’s totally fine.”
  • No one is complaining that they aren’t getting enough ice time!
  • I’m ashamed to admit it, because it would totally screw my teammates over and I don’t truly want it to happen, but at points yesterday I was wishing that I’d fall and break a wrist or take a slapshot off the skate and break my foot2.
  • I chatted with an opposing player at the face off about staging a fight to get a 10-minute major penalty so we could each get a rest… and we were only half kidding!
  • I’m wishing that my vacation was over already3!
  • Cameras are everywhere, yet I have no make-up on and my hair is a disaster. And I don’t care in the least.

Also of note: after my 8 am to noon session, I went to see a physiotherapist, as the physiotherapy office here at Burnaby 8 Rinks is donating their services to the players. I told Darren, the awesome physiotherapist, that my lower back has been excruciating. He said, “Did you do anything to it?” and I was like, “Um, I’ve been playing hockey for three days.” Anyway, he stretched out some stuff and electrofied some stuff and then taped up my back like this:


And then I went to see Derek the amazing massage therapist, who stretched out more stuff. And now my back is making me want to cry less than it was. So I call that progress!

In other news, I am playing this game with the most amazing women in the whole world. On our morning session today, one of the women on my team gave up all of her breaks over the 4 hours4 to another women who was hurting pretty badly. It’s not that this player who gave up her breaks wasn’t hurting too, she just knew that our teammate was hurting a lot and felt she was able to stay on the ice to help our teammate out. That’s the kind of amazing people I’m playing with.

Also, this sign, written by a child with Cystic Fibrosis, is up behind the bench. It’s making all the players cry!


If that doesn’t get you to donate, I don’t know what will!

  1. And it’s not because the food isn’t good. It’s great! []
  2. I know it would be insane because the pain would be worse than what I’m feeling now and it would last way longer than the rest of this 10-day long game, but your mind plays funny tricks on you when you are sleep-deprived and in pain []
  3. Since I’m taking vacation time to do this. I love my job and all, but I’ve never wished for vacation to be over before! []
  4. Except for one, ‘cuz she was very hungry and needed to eat something []


Day 3 – So Hard

I’ve played 17 hours of hockey since 8 am on Friday and I’m now in a 4 hour break between my sessions. Most of our breaks are 8 hours but twice during the 10 days we get just 4 hours and these breaks are dreaded because it’s really not much time between 4 hour sessions of hockey. I’ve decided that four hours is not enough to really go to sleep – I mean, after you get off the ice, you have to get all your gear off and shower, which takes about half an hour. And I need about an hour to get ready before my next session –  on a normal day, it doesn’t take me an hour to get ready, but in this gameI have to put Second Skin on whatever parts of my body feel like they are getting blisters, put on all my gear, do some stretching – plus I’m slow moving because I’m so sore and tired.

My last session was from midnight to 4 am and I’m not going to lie – it was hard. My back was super sore right from the get go, despite having taken an Advil before I started. Also, despite my best efforts at trying to take it “one shift at a time,” all I could think of was the fact that I was only going to have a four hour break after the session and it really sucked the life out of me. I didn’t score a single goal in the last four hours – I’m pretty much just a body on the ice who once in a while touches the puck at this point. I’m too tired to chase any pucks. I was on the verge of tears at least a dozen times in the four hours and I don’t even know why1.

Anyway, my brain isn’t really working enough to write any more coherent paragraphs, so here’s some random thoughts:

  • I should have invested in the company that makes Second Skin. ‘cuz we are going through that stuff like nobody’s business.
  • Music makes a really big difference. In my last session there was a lot of slow music and I had no energy. Then a girl started DJing for the last hour and the music was rocking and it was So. Much. Better. At one point while we were waiting for the horn that signals that the break is over and it’s time to drop the puck, all the players on the ice – plus the referees – were dancing! It was awesome.
  • Tiger balm is my friend.
  • Lace bite sucks.
  • My mouth is getting raw from having my mouth guard in for so many hours in a row.
  • A 10 minute break is long enough to either go pee while wearing hockey gear or eat a granola bar. But not both. Related: playing hockey with a mouth guard full of granola is very weird.
  • We’ve lost all concept of time since this game started. I generally have no idea what day of the week it is and I haven’t seen the news since I’ve been here, so I have also no idea what’s going on in the world. All we really have time to do is eat, sleep, play. And repeat.

Oh yeah, and in case you are interested, the score in the game now stands at 219  to 131 for the White Team..

  1. The thing that kept me from actually crying was that every time I felt like I was going to cry , I imagined Dan saying, “Grow a pair, Gillis!” and that made me laugh []


Day #2 – 7 pm bedtime #lg4cf

So much I want to blog about, but I need to have a nap before my midnight to 4 am session. But I must say thanks to Heather, Kalev, Linda & Casey who came to visit me today and to Heather for baking cookies for the players.

Will blog more later!


Day 1 – Take It One Shift At A Time #lg4cf

The Longest Game for CF is underway! The puck was dropped at 8 am after a lovely opening ceremony and for the first hour, all 20 players on each side played. And, I’m pleased to report, I scored a goal at 8:33 a.m.! W00t!

After the first hour, we settled into our routine of 4 hours segments. My first four hours was from 12 to 4 pm and (a) the pace was faster than I had anticipated we’d be playing1, (b) I don’t feel as bad as I thought I would. I mean, don’t get me wrong, my feet and ankles are achy, my back is a bit stiff and I’m so tired and hungry2, but I thought I’d be in a lot rougher shape after playing for four whole hours with only one sub!

The thing that I’ve found the mostly helpful in the 5 hours I’ve played so far, is to remember to just take it one shift at a time. Four hours is a little overwhelming to think about, but I know that I can get on the ice and play one shift. And all I need to do is focus on that one shift, and not the many, many more shifts that make up my four hours3. One shift at a time! I’m really hoping that I can maintain that for the whole ten days.

Also, my friend Krista Lee and her husband, Ryan, and their baby are here – they are volunteering in the A/V timekeeper booth – meaning they are being entrusted with the ever important job of making sure the livestream camera is working4 and blowing the airhorn to alert the players & zamboni driver when it is time for the ice cleaning/to get back on the ice. Did I mention that they are super awesome?

Oh yeah, and I did I mention the livestream? You can watch the whole game on our website!

Anyhoo, I’m so tired that my brain is hardly working and I think dinner is being served now and so I should go to there! And then to bed ‘cuz my next shift starts at midnight!

  1. Though it is only day 1. []
  2. and really only staying awake right now because I’m waiting for dinner to be served! []
  3. It’s kind of hard to do because there’s a giant clock at the rink telling you the time, but what can you do! []
  4. That is the recording that the people from Guinness will be watching to verify that we set the record, so it’s crucial that it works. []


OMG! We are on!

I got an email from Megs – my former goalie and one of the committee members for the LG4CF – yesterday alerting me to the very important fact that we are on the Canucks website! O. M. G.!

LG4CF on


Click image to embigificate!

As Megs put it, this is the closest we’ll ever get to being on the Canucks!



Come at Visit Me at the Longest Game of Hockey. Bring Funny Signs!

It’s the thing you’ve all been waiting for… I have my playing schedule for the Longest Game for CF!!!

Now, I must stress that this is a TENTATIVE schedule. Everything is subject to change based on the goings on at the game, but I will do my best to post any updates to the schedule as soon as I know about any updates1. I think I’ll also post the day’s shifts on each day, just to make it even easier for you to know when I’m playing!

So, here’s my schedule (Click the image to embiggen) – note that the coloured in sections are when I’m scheduled to play, with yellow representing daytime shifts and blue representing nighttime shifts:

LG4CF - Beth's playing schedule

And here is my annotated schedule (again, clicking embiggifies this image):

LG4CF - Beth's playing schedule - annotated

All kidding aside, I am in awe that the committee – and I believe in particular it was Trish & Scott Tait – were able to figure out the schedules for 40 players so that every second of the game is covered and we all get a lot of 8 hour breaks for sleeping, eating, and tending to our poor overworked muscles! You guys are amazing!

And now it’s back to packing for me! Because after a full day of work tomorrow, I go for chiro & massage (only last tune up before the game!), come home, have some dinner, pack up my car and then I’m off to the rink! We have to be at the rink very early on Friday morning because, though the game starts at 8 am, we need to eat breakfast, get warmed up and into our gear and participate in the opening ceremony before the puck drops!

Oh yeah, so the other thing I wanted to say – I hope lots of you will come out to see me play! It’s going to be a long 10 days and I think it will be really motivating to have some fans to cheer me on! I would especially love you the most ever if you brought a funny sign. Because funny signs make me skate faster!


  1. Depending, of course, on if I have enough time between finding out about a schedule change and actually having to be on the ice! []


Congratulations Dr. Erika!

IMG_0579 Today, my friend Erika defended her PhD!

You may remember Erika from such adventurers as getting published in Science, her 29.758904th birthday, and several 12 Bars of Christmas. Well, now you can add her PhDizzle to that list! I didn’t get to attend the defence because The Man was making me work, but by all accounts her performance was brilliant! Not that I’m surprised – did I mention that she’s  published in Science???

So congratulations, Dr. Erika and welcome to the club!

Note to self: I have *got* to get better photographs with Erika!