Losing My Pirate Pak Virginity

Yesterday was Adult Pirate Pak Day at White Spot. For my readers who aren’t from BC, White Spot is a restaurant and Pirate Paks are their kids meals, which come in a cardboard pirate boat with a chocolate gold coin! If you grew up in BC, you grew up eating Pirate Paks and White Spot capitalizes on the nostalgia value of this with their annual “Adult Pirate Pak Day,” where grown ups can relive their youth by getting their burger, fries, coleslaw, drink and ice cream – and the chocolate gold coin – in a cardboard pirate boat! As you know, I didn’t grow up in BC, so, up until yesterday, I’d never had a Pirate Pak! But that was corrected as Kalev and I met for a late dinner at the White Spot on Georgia!

Grown Up Pirate Pak - Kalev

Kalev says, “Aarrrr!”

Grown Up Pirate Pak - Beth

This Pirate Pak is ALL MINE!!

Grown Up Pirate Pak - Beth with her gold coin
Me and my gold coin!

As evidenced by the photos, the lighting in White Spot left something to be desired, but the Pirate Paks were made of 100% awesome!

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  • I think the proper caption for my photo is “Kalev has a stroke while eating his Pirate Pak.”

    And I still say “Adult Pirate Pak Day” sounds like adult diapers. Because it just DOES!!!

    Hope you won’t kill me if I don’t list “Pirate Pak cherry-popper (or de-virginator)” on my CV. 😛

    (Also, that is not really a photo of me. It’s just a photo I send people of someone who I claim is me. You know, because I want to make a better impression than I would with a real photo of me.)


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