Never Too Busy To Complain About How Busy I Am

I was trying to schedule a couple of events yesterday and when I looked at my calendar for available dates, I was rather blown away by how few available dates I have in the next few weeks. I always tell myself that I need to stop trying to do so. many. things. and actually get some rest and relaxation. But then so. many. exciting. things. keep cropping up in my schedule!

Take a look (and remember, this is all evenings and weekends stuff, in addition to working my full-time job):

  • Oct 14 – date
  • Oct 15 – seawall walk & brunch
  • Oct 16 – hockey  game1.
  • Oct 17 – after work coffee with former coworker, followed by dinner with a friend
  • Oct 18 – doctor’s appointment
  • Oct 19 – morning flight to Victoria for the The Great Drs. Beth & Dan Victoria Adventure and Shenaniganery of 2011 ((Missing a hockey game since I’ll be on the Island!))
  • Oct 20 – morning flight back to Vancouver, go directly to work, do not pass go, do not collect $200
  • Oct 22 – friends’ wedding
  • Oct  23 – post-wedding brunch; hockey game
  • Oct 26 – meeting/workshop at the Justice League
  • Oct 27 – dinner with a friend/former coworker
  • Oct 28 – dinner with friends from grad school
  • Oct 29 – drop by a friend’s fundraising event
  • Oct 30 – hockey game, dinner at a friend’s place, another hockey game
Things aren’t quite as crazy in November…. yet. I do have a two-day local conference for work, plus a probably two-day workshop in Ottawa (exact date still to be confirmed), but I’m sure that the rest of the time will fill up with stuff, as it always seems to do!
Just writing out that list made me tired!
  1. Technically I have two hockey games, but they are both at the same time so unless my cloning experiments work out, I’ll only be playing in one of them. []

2 Replies to “Never Too Busy To Complain About How Busy I Am”

  1. I will totally punch Dr. Dan in the face for you! He doesn’t read this blog, right? Because he’ll never see it coming! And then when he gets there, he’ll think, “Well, I already got punched in the face by Beth for Rick, so there is now no reason that Rick will punch me in the face.” And then POW! Foolproof. Plan.

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