How Do People Find 8 Hours A Night During Which To Sleep?

Seriously. I go to bed every night with so. many. things. left unaccomplished. I mean, there are many, many things I want to get done and I only get to a fraction of them each day. And even still, I usually only get to bed with about 5 or 6 hours until I have to get up to get to work the next day. Which I know is totally not healthy, but I’m really flummoxed as to how other people find the time to do all the things there are to do, yet still get a proper night’s sleep.

And this is not even counting the normal level of household chores that normal people do, but I don’t do. I often go to bed without the dishes put into the dishwasher1. I often leave for work without making my bed and with my bathroom in disarray as I hastily do my hair and make-up, but don’t have time to put all the products back from whence they came. I own *a lot* of clothes so I can get away with doing laundry just once every other week – sometimes even less when I can’t find time to get the laundry done. And then even when I do my laundry, I rarely find time to put it away – all the clean clothes either sit in the laundry basket or remaining hanging on my drying rack until I next time need to wear them.

So how, exactly, do people get stuff done in their lives AND have time to sleep for 8 hours?

This rambling nonsense has been brought to you by a very tired Beth.

  1. For the record, I don’t have a dirty apartment – I keep my place “clean” in the sense of nothing is growing any new life forms, but it’s generally not very tidy. []