Mmmm, beer.

It was recently brought to my attention that this is back in stores:

Granville Island Lions Winter Ale. Mmm, beer.

Granville Island Lions Winter Ale is one of my favourite beers! You can only buy it in the fall and winter, so its arrival in stores is sort of bittersweet, because, while I love its deliciousness, it is a harbinger of cold weather. And I’m not a fan of the cold weather. Happily, though, I can drown my sorrows at the frightful weather with delicious Winter Ale.

Another one of my favourite beers is this:

Phillips Service 1904. Mmmm, beer.

It’s Phillips Service 1904 Scottish Stone Fired Ale, a beer of such epic deliciousness that after taking my first sip of it on my recent trip to Victoria, I said to Dan, “Oh my god, I want to marry this beer!”1. According to the description in the menu at the pub where I first drank this deliciousness, they drop hot stones into the beer while they are brewing it, which results in caramelization and thus adds some extra awesomeness. Also, I believe it contains ground up angels – it tastes *that* good!

The strange thing about all of this is that, until recently, I didn’t really like beer all that much. I mean, I didn’t hate beer, but it wasn’t my drink of choice and I’d usually only drink it if it was a lot cheaper than the other available drinks2. And even then I wouldn’t drink a tonne of it. But earlier this year, out of nowhere, I really developed a taste for beer. It happened around the time of the NHL playoffs and I’m guessing that the copious beer drinking associated with the Canucks extended playoff run might have had something to do with it. Between this and my recent unvegetarianisming 3, I think I might have experienced an invasion of the taste bud snatchers!

  1. I mentioned in the footnote of my trip to Victoria posting that I’d never had any Phillips beers before and my coworker told me they sold it at the Liquor Store. So when I was in the Liquor Store today buying my Winter Ale, I looked for some Phillips and realized that I have, in fact, drank Phillips many times before – I just didn’t know it was Phillips! I guy I used to date often had Phillips Big Buck, Slipstream, and Phoenix Gold at his place and I quite liked the Phoenix!  Sadly, Service 1904 isn’t available at the Liquor Store. You can only get it on tap at three pubs in Victoria! Clearly, I need to spend more time in Victoria! []
  2. Like, say, if I were out in a group and everyone was sharing a pitcher. Or if I was at a kegger. []
  3. Similarly, I’ve suddenly developed a taste for Earl Grey tea. I used to find that it smelled like floor polish and thought it was atrocious. But recently I’ve really liked it. Weird! []

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