This and That

After two long days of workshopping, my brain is now in vacation mode and thus, incapable of any real coherent thoughts. Thus, I give you a list of random thoughts.

  • I’m back at my hotel room, waiting for for my mom, sister, and nephew to arrive. My sister texted me with an update when they got to Kingston. And her text included those three special words we all love to hear: “We have wine!”
  • I’m too cheap to pay for the hotel wifi (and, really, what hotel *charges* you for wifi in this day and age?) so I’ve been tethering my laptop to my iPhone when I want to use the ‘net. And tethering had been pig slow.
  • “Pig” is a kind of slow, right?
  • And that reminds me, I was in a discussion the other day about why the Angry Birds are so angry at the pigs. Given that I’ve played Angry Birds all of about four times, I mostly just felt bad for the pigs. I mean, what did they ever do to the birds? Turns out – and I’m sure everyone under the sun except me and the person I was having this discussion with already knew this – the pigs stole the birds eggs! I’m not sure how the birds figure that launching themselves into pig-built structures is a good plan – how are they supposed to raise those eggs if they’ve killed themselves in the process? – but then I realized I was thinking far too much about Angry Birds.
  • Also, this sale is now over.