Give Away Pseudostoops’ Money!

Sarah has brought to my attention an awesome blogger who is doing an awesome thing. And you know how I feel about awesomeness.

moneyThe blog in question is called Pseudostoops and the awesome thing being done there is some charitable donations. But not just any kind of charitable donations – instead, this is donations by the blogger based on comments on her blog. So all you have to do is go on over to her blog and comment, and then she will donate 50 cents to the charity of the day. Today’s charity is called The Cara Program:

The Cara Program is a proven, step-by-step program that prepares adults who have struggled with homeless, poverty, incarceration, and other challenges not just to enter but to succeed in the workforce. Human services agencies all over Chicago refer people to the program who they believe are ready to take on the serious work of becoming job-ready (including strict selection criteria that includes a phone interview and a drug test.)  The Cara Program is probably best described in its website’s own words:

We don’t shield students from the realities they will face in the workplace; rather, we recreate the workplace here at The Cara Program.  We deploy an experiential training approach that reaches beyond what we teach in the classroom and extends into the very fabric of every student’s experience at The Cara Program.  We give them a manager, a work team, and responsibility.  We make them accountable to themselves, accountable to their team, and accountable to the Cara community at large.

(Source: Pseudostoops)

You have to comment by the end of the day, so what are you waiting for? Go on over there and comment!

(And she’ll be doing this for the rest of the week with different charities, so be sure to check back there tomorrow, Thursday, and Friday too!)

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  • Actually, she did it yesterday and I told you too late. So it’s today, tomorrow, and Thursday.

    Thanks for posting this. I tried to do it yesterday but blogger wasn’t letting me post links. ?!? Also, you have WAAAAY more readers.

    I wonder if there are programs like this in other jurisdictions?


  • Oh, I don’t really have that many readers, but they like to do my bidding! Mwahahahaha!

    And, yeah, it sounds like a pretty solid program that would be worth spreading to other cities. I looked on their website and they seem to only be in Chicago at the moment.


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