I’m Compensating for My Tiny Name

Today I got a most excellent email informing me that my application for the Credentialed Evaluator designation was successful! This designation is bestowed by the Canadian Evaluation Society on those who can demonstrate that they possess the skills of a competent, ethical, and awesome evaluator. In addition to demonstrating my awesomeness, this designation also allows me to add to more letters behind my name – C.E.

Since I only have 8 letters *in* my name, I have been on an ongoing quest to add more letters after my name1. For the record, my name is now:

Beth Snow, B.Sc.(Hons.), M.Sc., Ph.D., C.E.

That’s nearly twice as many letters *after* my name as are in my name!

And it also means that I can now knock off one more item on my list of goals for 2011 – with a day to spare!

  1. See also: MBA. []

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