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A long, long time ago1, in a galaxy far, far away2, I told you about a little thing called the May Health Challenge. The challenge, as it were, was to do something for your health for 30 days. The challenges I chose were:

  1. eat breakfast every morning
  2. doing some form of physical activity every day

So, I’m sure you are wondering: how did I do? Well, far be it from me to keep you in suspense. To the spreadsheet!

The good news first: I accomplished challenge #1 by eating breakfast every single day. It wasn’t always the healthiest breakfast, but it was never terrible and I managed to do it every single day.

I wasn’t quite so successful with challenge #2, but I managed 26 of 30 days. Those other four days – well, quite honestly, I forgot. I seriously got through entire days where I got so busy that went through my whole day, then went to bed, without even remembering I was supposed to do some exercise. Usually I would remember the next day when I was trying to decide what to have for breakfast (since, for some reason, I never seemed to forgot that my other challenge was to eat breakfast!). On the plus side, I went running FIVE times, which is more than all the times I went running in 2012 prior to May! So, yay me!

In celebration of the success of the May Health Challenge, the Guelphites who created the Challenge, had a par-tay today, which I just now as I’m typing this am remembering I totally meant to Skype into (oops!). Since I wasn’t able to attend the festivities in person and partake of the celebratory treats, I decided to make a treat of my own3. Specifically, this coffeecake:

I know it looks like a big cookie, but it is, in fact, a coffeecake.


Close up!

So, now that May Health is over, I’m sure you are wondering what I’m going to do next4. Well, I feel like I haven’t really made these two health behaviours into real habits yet, so I’m extending the May Health Challenge into a June Health Challenge – going to see if I can eat breakfast every day for another 30 days, and actually do some physical activity every single day too! Wish me luck!

  1. By which I mean 30 days ago. []
  2. By which I mean, right here []
  3. I also realized that it is the last day of May and since I’m trying to bake something different every month for one year as per item #25 in my 101 list, I needed to bake something today to keep up with that. In related news, Devon is a big fan of item #25. []
  4. Actually, I’m pretty sure you weren’t wondering that at all. []

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