Frog Names

We’ve had the frogs for one week and, so far, come up with names for three of the five them: Copernicus, Rocky, and Torpedo.

Copernicus was named first – (s)he is a curious little guy who often comes up to the front of the tank to look at us when we look at the tank. I said that since (s)he’s so curious, (s)he must be a scientist. Hence, Copernicus.

In a fit of unoriginality, we gave Rocky his/her name because (s)he likes to sit near the back of the tank on a pile of rocks that we put there.

Torpedo likes to stretch out and looks kind of like, unsurprisingly, a torpedo.

The other two still remain to be named. Also, we still aren’t 100% sure of which frogs is which at all times, so I’m sure that I’ve probably called a few of them by the name Copernicus. I hope they aren’t too offended!

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