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  • I’m kind of in love with Harvard Business Review right now. The articles breakdown business & management research into plain English. Plain English!
  • I should not be allowed to own bacon. So bad for me, but so, so, so delicious.
  • Tennis is one of the few things that I’m terrible at, but I still love to do. Usually, if I’m bad at something, I don’t like to do it. But tennis for some reason is totally fun, even though I spend more time hitting the ball waaaay too hard and/or chasing the ball that I missed hitting.
  • Speaking of sports, the hockey schedules are out for both my hockey teams1. This is bittersweet news, because while I am excited to play hockey again, I’m sad that summer is coming to an end.
  • The water in the frog tank evaporates at an alarming rate. When we bought the frogs, the chick in the pet store said that we didn’t need to use the filter that came with the tank because the frogs don’t breath water, so there was no need to aerate the water. Within a few days, though, the water was very cloudy, so we put the filter cube on and it cleared the water right up. However, with the filter on, the water has to stay at a certain minimum level and we’ve noticed that the water gets dangerously lower every few days.
  • Rick and Dan are on their fabulous hiking trip to Banff/Lake Louise that they won, in part, because you all voted for Rick’s contest entry. The hikes they are going on look out of this world, but I think I’m mostly jealous of their luxurious spa days. You can follow their adventures on their blogs.
  • One more day of work until the long weekend! w00t!
  1. Well, for one of my leagues we have the schedule for the first half of the season, but for the other we have the date of the first game and will hopefully have more of the schedule soon. []

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  • I like tennis, too…and I’ll still play even though I totally suck at it! Remember when we made up the rule that whoever hit the ball out of bounds or into the other courts had to do jumping jacks while the other person chased down the ball?


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