Drink It!

Picture it! Me and Cath are at St. Augustine’s and I can’t decide what beer to have. No matter! I choose “the Paddle” – which is a wooden paddle on which they place 4 small glasses of your beers of choosing. Photographic evidence:

St. Augustine's

The beers I chose were:

  • Unibroue, EPHEMERE APPLE
  • Alameda Brewing Co, MAPLE MILD
  • Driftwood Brewery, WHITE BARK ALE

The apple one was quite an interesting taste. I wouldn’t want a whole pint of it, but a small glass was nice. The maple one was good, but I prefer Granville Island’s Kitsilano Maple Cream Ale. The other two were also solid choices, but nothing to write home about. I may or may not have followed up with a Central City Brewing Raspberry Wheat Ale.

3 Replies to “Drink It!”

  1. Ha ha ha ha ha!

    Good thing you put in the explanatory link – especially after your comment yesterday about going to St. Augustine’s without Mark feeling like cheating!

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