October, You Exhaust Me

Is this thing on?

Apparently I decided to go from my month of blogging all the damn time to complete radio silence. We are going into the home stretch of the core part of the MBA program1, so all my waking hours have been spent doing homework, except when I’m at work-work, where my workload is also insanely impossible2. The other day in a meeting we were talking about our plans for the long weekend and I said, “I’m going to run the Victoria half marathon, which, compared to work, actually sounds like quite a relaxing thing to do.” I just kind of blurted that out as a joke, but as soon as the words escaped my lips I realized, I actually meant it!

Happily, we have the long weekend coming up, which will be filled with half marathon running goodness and then guiltlessly gorging myself on a Thanksgiving feast because, hey, I just ran a freaking half marathon.

Also on tap for October, once I finish two managerial economics assignments, two economics exams3, a group business plan that we’ve been working on since the spring, AND the integrated core final exam4, is a trip to Montreal & Toronto! I am heading to Montreal for two days of workshopping about my research – which is super exciting because (a) the workshops we’ve done so far for this project have been so interesting and so relevant to the work I’m doing and (b) we’ve made some really great progress with our research that I’m dying to share with my colleagues! Then, since I’m all the way out east, I’ve decided to take a few vacation days and spend the rest of the week visiting my family. Plans for that time include a belated Thanksgiving dinner – because why have one T-giving dinner in a given year when you can have two?5 – and maybe, just maybe, knocking item #44 off my 101 list.

But before I get there, there’s still a tonne to do. I’ve been working pretty much all day long and it’s somehow gotten to be 11:30 pm! So now – to bed!

  1. Where by “core” they mean “insanely impossibly insanely impossible workload”. []
  2. Happily all my projects are awesome, so that helps. It would just be nice if I didn’t have 27 of them, all with identical deadlines where the deadline is *right now*! []
  3. One managerial, one macro. []
  4. Mercifully, it’s a take-home exam. []
  5. This follows the “more is better” principle that I learned about in managerial economics! I’m totally going to ace that exam. []

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