RIP Rocky

We returned home on the weekend to a sad sight. Rocky, one of our beloved frogs, had escaped from the frog tank and dehydrated to death. =(

Aquatic frogs need to be immersed in water – they will die if they are out of water for more than about 20 minutes. Somehow, Rocky had escaped from the tank – though we aren’t sure how this is possible since there is nothing for him to have jumped off of and we’ve never seen any of the frogs launch themselves out of the water before. Then he managed to jump (or fall?) down from the mantle and then hop his way across the living room and into the kitchen area, finally succumbing to dehydration when he reached the kitchen table.

Rocky was a bit of a scaredy cat – some days he wouldn’t get much, if anything, to eat when we fed the frogs, because he was afraid of the other frogs and would run and hide in the castle if another frog swam by him to get some food. He’d recently figured out that he could sit in the box that we have in the tank and eat the food that fell in there in peace while the other frogs jumped all over each other to get the food in the main part of the tank. It makes me sad to think that he died all scared and alone. I hope he didn’t suffer.

Here are some pictures of Rocky in happier times1



RIP, little frogger.

  1. At least, I think it’s Rocky. I can’t always tell them apart, especially when they aren’t next to each other – Rocky was the smallest, so you could always tell him when he was next to another frog – but he did love those rocks, so this was probably him. []

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