Irish Stew

On Sunday, we made some Irish stew. In related news, I think I’m developing a taste for Guinness.

A few weeks ago, I picked up some stewing beef at the New West Farmer’s Market. That was back in the heady days of summer1, when the sun was shining 26 hours a day and everyone was thinking about eating ice cream and drinking mojitoes and no one was thinking of such things as stew. But I knew that the rains would come eventually and would make us crave hearty foods. Also, our crockpot had been feeling neglected.

We basically followed this recipe2, but we used regular onions and included red pepper instead of parsnip, because that’s what we had one hand. We also included worcestershire sauce in with the Guinness and the red wine vinegar, because, hello?, worcestershire suce! And we left out the chocolate chips because OMGWTF?

Here’s the stewing beef being dredged through the flour:

Irish Stew - dredging the stewing beef in flour

And here it is being browned after said dredging:

Irish Stew - browning the beef

And here’s the Guinness being poured into the crockpot with all the other yummy ingredients:

Irish Stew - action shot of pouring of the Guinnes

Action shot!

Here the stew is stewing:

Irish Stew is stewing

At the end, we discovered that we needed twice as much cornstarch as it called for to actually thicken, but once we did that it was ohsofreaking delicious!

Irish Stew

While discussing stew after my hockey game that evening, a fellow New Westie on my hockey team told me about 2 obscurely located butcher shops to check out in my neighbourhood. One is a tiny shop in the middle of a residential area that’s been in business for more than 100 years and the other is in some industrial area, around the back and down some steps and no freaking wonder I’ve been having trouble finding butcher shops! They are all apparently located where one would never find them without a treasure map. I’ll be sure to check them both out and report back on my butcher shop adventures!

  1. Note: “summer” in the Lower Mainland lasted until Oct 7 this year. []
  2. My adaptation can be found here. []

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