Getting My Bend On

A few months ago, I got a Groupon for a yoga studio about a 3.2 second walk from my apartment. I bought it at the time thinking “this will be perfect after I’m done my half marathon – a chance to focus on some yoga’ing to stretch out my overworked marathoning muscles.” Well, it’s been awhile since that half marathon, but technically this is still *after* my half marathon, so I wasn’t wrong.

Inspired by the November Challenge1, I activated the Groupon today and went to my first of 20 classes. It was dubbed a “flow for runners & cyclists” class, and since there were only 2 students, it was like having my own personal yoga instructor!

The instructor was excellent and I love the fact that I can walk to the studio in 3.2 seconds. It seems a bit pricy for non-hot yoga though – drop in classes cost $18, which is the same as drop in at the hot yoga studio I like2, and the hot yoga studio has to heat the room up and provides showers and fancy pants soap in said showers3, but we’ll have to see after those 20 classes if I’m impressed enough to spend this kind of non-Group level coin.

  1. i.e., I knew I had to do some physical activity today and I thought “why not activate that Groupon and get my bend on? []
  2. Monthly and yearly memberships are also about equivalent at this studio and the hot yoga studio I like. []
  3. Sadly, the hot yoga place I like is one million miles away). The Groupon price was good ($69 for 20 visits []

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