Meet, Um, Bellatrix 2?

After patiently waiting for my lousy Telus contract to end, today I jumped ship to Fido. I was originally attracted their by their ad for a $57/month smartphone plan that includes all sorts of everything, only to be told by the manager in the Fido store that “oh no, that’s for smartphones.” “Uh, yeah, the iPhone IS a smartphone.” “No, but it’s for all the other smartphones except the iPhone. You can’t get it with the iPhone.”

After a few text messages and then a loud-enough-for-the-Fido-manager-to-hear-me phone call with the All Knowing Kalev, who confirmed that one can, in fact, get this plan with an iPhone, followed by my incessant, unrelenting questions, the manager first changed her story to “It’s only a 2-year plan and you have to have a 3-year plan with an iPhone” (which I then called her out on – “Really, if I walked in her with an unlocked iPhone, you’d refuse to sign me up for Fido on a 2-year plan?” “No.”), and then to “Well, you can only get the promotional pricing to buy the actual iPhone with a 3-year plan and I’ve NEVER had anyone pay full price for an iPhone.” Eventually, after repeatedly pointing out that there is a difference between the statements (a) “You cannot use this plan with an iPhone” and (b) “You cannot get the promotional price to buy the iPhone if you sign up for this plan,” I finally got her to concede that she had not been telling the truth. Wouldn’t it just be easier to tell the truth? Because, as it turns out, I was able to get the promotional price on the iPhone with a plan with virtually the same features1 for $67 per month instead of $57. The amount I save by getting the promotion price on the iPhone (~$600 savings) exceeds the $10/month saving over the life of the contract.

The other interesting thing was that I walked out of the store with an iPhone 5 today. If I were an existing Fido customer, I’d had to have reserved a phone online and then waited two weeks for it (or so this manager told me). There was a sign up that said they had no iPhones in stock, but when I walked in and said I wanted to jump ship from Telus and hook up with Fido and I wanted an iPhone 5, she asked what colour and when I said I didn’t care, she said, “Oh, I’ll get you a white one. Girls like white ones because they look better with pink or purple cases.” (Needless to say, her suggestion that I’d want a freaking pink case did not please me in the least. It seemed extra ridiculous because as she said this I held a black iPhone 3GS with a black case in my hand. Do I look like the type that would want a freaking pink case?) Then she asked if I wanted a 16 GB one and I said “No, 64.” And she went and got it. It seemed pretty clear that they had all sizes in both colours in the back, so why did their sign say they were out of stock and why are they making existing customers wait (or at least are claiming to be)? In the end, none of these things mattered to me, because I have in my hot little hands a sweet, sweet iPhone 5:

iPhone 5

Moving up from the insanely slow, battery-pretty-much-dead 3GS, I’m pretty stoked with my shiny purchase! I’m especially excited to be able to go for a run using my Runkeeper app tracking my speed and location and not have to worry that the battery will die mid-run! Also, using Siri to send text messages! It’s a brave new world!

Now my question is what my iPhone’s name should be. I transferred everything over from my old iPhone, so now this one appears with her name – Bellatrix – for this new phone. Do I leave her named Bellatrix? Do I call her Bellatrix 2? Give her a new name entirely? What’s the proper etiquette for getting a newer generation phone? This is entirely new territory for me!

My next task is to buy a case for this thing – it’s so light and delicate, I’m terrified that I’m going to drop it!

  1. My plan has 500 MB of data instead of 1 GB, but since I never go over the 250 MB I had on my old plan, I’m not too concerned about this []

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  • So I guess I can refer to myself as the AKK? That might work. 🙂

    I was going to congratulate you but you know how I feel about white electronics! LOL I cannot believe, ESPECIALLY after that ridiculously sexist comment, you let her give you a white one! I would have gone for the opposite colour just to defy her and her narrowmindedness.

    I wonder if the border guards will ask why you even have your own cell phone. 😛

    Also, 64GB? I didn’t know you were going for that much capacity. You must have lots and lots of music.

    I fiddled with Brett’s new iPhone 5 while in Seattle and yeah, they are crazy-light and delicate-seeming, so I understand your desire for a case. Let me know if you find a good one.


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  • White electronics: oh yes… yes, I hates them. They are so OOOGLAY! And prone to getting dirty. I don’t even know why they MAKE white iPhones! When it took them like a year to get the white iPhone 4 actually into stores, I was so happy!


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