Frog Spa

When I got home after work today, I noticed one of the frogs doing this:


That cube that he’s floating up against is the filter for the frog tank. Water gets sucked in the bottom – i.e., where the frog is – goes through a filter and comes out like a fountain at the top. So we figure this is the frog equivalent of when you are in a jacuzzi and you sit with your back against the jets.



He seemed to be quite enjoying himself.

In other frog news, we had another escapee the other day, but he escaped while we were home, so I saw him hopping across the kitchen floor and we managed to get him back into the tank before he got too dried out. So now we know that Rocky’s – FSM rest his soul – escape was not just a fluke. Apparently these guys *can* just propel themselves out of the tank. So now the tank has saran wrap covering most of the top (with a space left that’s big enough that air gets in, but not so big that a frog can get out). It might not look pretty, but it saves little froggy lives!

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  • HA! did that just to throw you off the case – he is probably the perpetrator – it was murder and he is walking (hopping) away scot-free.
    Just you wait – the next time – another froggy will be wrapped up in plastic wrap and suffocated – you are supplying the murder weapon. I think you have a Dexter in your tank.


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