It never ceases to amaze me how quickly parents will start talking about poo

Last night was 4 hours of stats class. Today was 4 hours of stats, followed by 4 hours of Econ. Needless to say, my brain = fried. I’m writing this on my phone while Skytraining home, so I hope you aren’t expecting a masterpiece today. Instead, can I interest you in this bulleted list of random stuff?

  • My table group in class today consisted of 4 dads and me. One of these classmates is a very new dad – his baby was just born on Thursday! And within about 3.2 milliseconds, the conversation quickly turned to poop. One of the guys asked me how weird it was to be at a table of guys talking about poop and the new dad exclaimed, “I would *never* have talked about this before!” And then they started talking about pee.
  • A few people in class today remarked that I looked tired. Which is odd, because since we’d had a break between the end of core and this weekend’s classes, I’m actually more rested than usual. But perhaps I’m just exhausted from my nonstop coughing.
  • I have a red coat that I absolutely love, but the zipper on it is not functioning right at all. It started off where it would split at the bottom, making it very difficult to undo. And just when I got good at jimmying it undone when it split at the bottom, it started splitting all along its length, which is really a rather inconvenient thing for a zipper to do. Anyone know a good seamstress? And what’s a reasonable price for replacing a zipper?
  • And speaking of service people, I *may* have found a cleaning person, which I’ve been looking for since we moved to New West. I got a recommendation from a co-worker. Fingers crossed that it works out, because having a house cleaner will make me the happiest person in the history of ever! I will keep you posted.
  • The Vancouver premier of Lace Bite, the documentary about the Longest Game of hockey for CF, was today. I’m choked I had to miss it because I had class. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to see it soon though!

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