Let the Xmas Season Commence!

I officially started my Christmas shopping today! I’m sure you are wondering “What did Beth buy? And who did she buy it for?” Only time will tell… 36 days of time, to be specific. Because in 36 days those things that I bought will be opened by their intended recipients and, I’m pretty sure, there will be much joy.

I also came up with ideas for two other people’s Xmas presents, but I’m going to wait to see if they go on sale on Cyber Monday. There’s a few people on my list that are very hard to buy for and so I’m extra stoked when I think of a great gift for one of them!

Speaking of a list – I should probably make one! Seeing as I have to send most of my presents to family & friends in Ontario, I need to be organized enough to buy or make stuff for everyone and ship it to them in time for the big day!

In other Christmas news, I’m not allowed to put the Christmas tree up until December 1, but that’s only 12 days away, so I don’t have to wait too much longer. This will be my first year where I have a fireplace and a mantle on to which I hang the stockings with care. Hmmm…. anyone know where I can get little frog-sized stockings?

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  • You could use infant socks, booties, doll socks, or small puppy paw covers – they’d still be too big – the frogs could fit in them but they would get lots of froggy stuff for them to have the best froggy Christmas ever…


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