Getting By With A Little Help From My Friends

Just finished a marathon Skype call, on which my group and I completed our Business Economics assignment. We were encouraged to do the assignment in groups of 4, but pretty much everyone in class felt that it was the best idea to do all the questions on our own (as it’s the best way to learn this type of thing) and then compare notes. It was a shit ton of work to slog my way through the questions (I’m really slow at recalling formulas, remembering how to take a derivative, and other such mathy things that I don’t usually do in my everyday life) and there were a few places that I got stumped, but I was able to chat with my classmates, both from in my group and others, and managed to get everything figured out.

And this has really been a hallmark of this MBA program – everyone is so willing to help each other out, anytime, with a smile. As my one classmate put it when we were trying to sort out who was going to be in which group for the assignment, “Nobody left behind!” There’s a real spirit of we-are-in-this-together-ness – which I must say surprised me at first. I expected, unfairly it seems, that business students would be more competitive and less cooperative. We were told when we started this program, that you have to rely on your classmates, because, in addition to the fact that a lot of what we do is group work, the sheer volume of work is pretty much insurmountable alone. And everyone has different strengths, so when I am struggling with Econ, someone who is really good at it will teach it to me, and then perhaps I’ll help them with Stats. We really are all in this together.

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