2012 Classes – Complete!

Today marked my last class for 20121! I am a very, very tired – but very happy – Dr. Beth.

The classes in my program actually ended last weekend with two exams, but me and two of my classmates decided to take a module that was offered this weekend from the Executive MBA in Healthcare program. The module was pretty awesome – I learned lots of neat things that I can take back to work and apply – but my brain is far too fried at the moment to actually tell you what any of them are. The good news is that since I took this extra module and I’m taking a course from another department that is offered mostly online next term, I can drop the two courses from my program that are offered in January. Which means that instead of going to class on January 4th with the rest of my cohort, I have *no* weekend classes until February 15th! My online class has one in-class day in January – the 24th, to be specific – but it’s a weekday, so I’m taking a day off work to attend class, which means it will just feel like a workday to me.

So what am I going to do with all my spare time? Well, there will be work to do for the online course that I’m taking, and I am teaching my online course at the Justice League, so there’s that. But without my weekends filled with classes, I figure I will have time in the rest of December and January to (in no particular order):

  • sleep in. Oh man, am I going to do some sleeping in!
  • do some Christmas baking2.
  • play hockey every single Sunday3!
  • make delicious homemade dinners4.
  • go skiing5.
  • do yoga
  • go running6.
  • catch up on Dexter, How I Met Your Mother, and Nurse Jackie, the latter of which finished in *June* and I’m still somehow not caught up on it7.
  • read books that aren’t textbooks!
  • hang out with my friends!

I’m sure that there’s even more things that I’m forgetting that I want to do, but this seems like a pretty good list to start with.

Seems that this January is going to be quite different than last January, with my pre-core classes every single weekend! I think this wee break is just what the doctor ordered!

  1. I have an assignment due for this class that I just finished today, but it’s not due until January 14, so I figure I don’t need to worry about it until after Christmas []
  2. I missed the Snow family baking day, which was today, because I was in class []
  3. I’ve missed a lot of Sunday hockey games this season as all the Sundays that I have class seemed to have had games scheduled during the day (when I was in class), rather than at night (when I could have played). []
  4. There have been a fair few “let’s just pop a frozen pizza in the oven because I’m too busy to go to the grocery store to buy produce, let alone prepare anything that takes longer than 35 seconds” dinners this past year. []
  5. I’m thinking that would be a good way to celebrate my birthday! []
  6. I wanted to run the BMO Vancouver half marathon in May, but it turns out that I have class that day. Instead, I’m hoping to find another spring half marathon to run, as I really only get out running if I have something to train for []
  7. Other than the Walking Dead (which I am caught up on) and Game of Thrones (which doesn’t start up again until the spring) – these are the only shows I watch. []

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