R-E-L-A-X-I-N-G, That’s What Boxing Day Means To Me

open book pagesAfter the gruelling year that I’ve had, I have really been looking forward to my Christmas holidays and I have to say, they have thus far not failed to deliver. Where by “deliver” I mean “involve me relaxing and not thinking about work or school”. Case in point – I’ve spent virtually all of today reading – if you can believe this – a novel! A novel, I will have you know, that contains no supply and demand curves and no operations triangles and nary a balance sheet in sight. In fact, I’m on the second non-school/non-work book of the holiday season, though the first was a very small one1. The book I’m in the middle of is J.K. Rowling’s Casual Vacancy, which I’m really enjoying so far. And next up after this one is the book that Devon game me for Christmas: The Passage by Justin Cronin, which I only just days ago heard of for the first time on Cath’s blog.

Happily, I still have six more days before I head back to work and school, so I foresee much of them being filled with more reading, lounging, reading while lounging, and perhaps enjoying a a pint or two of my favourite Vancouver Island brew. But because I don’t want to be a total sloth, I will also be going for a few runs2, and doing some organizing to get ready for the new year. And, of course, composing my requisite year-in-review type blog postings.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, my book awaits!

  1. Christopher Hitchens’ Mortality []
  2. I did one on Christmas Eve and was going to go again today, but yesterday’s dump of snow hasn’t yet fully melted, which has hampered those plans. []

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