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Belated Birthday Brownies

It just occurred to me that in all of my birthday festivities, I forgot to have any birthday cake! Birthday beer, birthday shots, birthday food, more birthday beer  – all of these things were covered, but somehow cake did not make it into the mix. But I figure +/- a week is within the period during which I can still reasonably say that I’m celebrating my birthday, so I decided to make some brownies tonight when I got home from yoga1!

The last time I baked brownies2, I thought I was using a recipe for fudgy brownies, but they turned out to be cake-y brownies and I hate cake-y brownies. So this time I used a recipe that was actually called “Fudgy Brownies.” It’s a pretty simple recipe – basically, just put everything that’s bad for you into a pan and bake.

Baking brownies

More specifically, the recipe goes something like this: Melt butter & chocolate. Add white sugar. Beat in some eggs. Add vanilla and white flour. Pray for your arteries. Pour it into a pan:

Baking brownies


Baking brownies

Write blog posting about said brownies while you wait for them to cool.

OK, I just can’t complete this blog posting without actually doing a taste test to let you know how they turned out. Wait here a second, OK?




OMG. Delicious!

  1. Brownies will so not help with my goal of losing weight, but I figure that since I did power yoga tonight, I’ll at least break even, calorie-wise []
  2. For Kalev’s housewarming party. []

One Response to Belated Birthday Brownies

  1. Kalev says:

    Your cake-y brownies were delicious!

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