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Installing Lazy Susans: Not For the Lazy

And speaking of my kitchen, this past weekend I did something that I’ve been wanting to do for almost a year. I installed a lazy Susan in the cabinet where we keep all our baking dishes, pots, pans, and various other cooking-related do-dads. This cabinet is a corner cabinet, and it’s quite deep, meaning I can store a lot of do-dads in it. The downside of this, however, is that it was damn near impossible to find anything in the cabinet, because things were piled upon things, which were shoved in front of other things and behind other things into a giant Charley Foxtrot of situation. It had gotten to the point that anytime I needed to get a dish or a bowl or whatever out of that cabinet, I could feel my blood pressure rise as I knew it would be big pain in the butt trying to find what I needed. A few dishes were even broken in the process of trying to maneuver a dish out of the mess. There was stuff in that cabinet that I forgot I even owned because it has been so long since I’d seen it.

Moreover, the top shelf in this cabinet was slowly but surely warping and I was pretty sure it would all come crashing down one day.

Kitchen cabinet - before

The picture doesn’t really do justice to how badly the shelf was bending. It does, however, given you an idea of what a mess the contents were!

Something had to be done.

With some help from my friend Lianna, owner of Evolve {Interior} Designs, I purchased a lazy Susan – a set of rotating shelves that spin on a pole, much like a pole dancer except bearing dishes instead of stilettos. It took a fair bit of wrangling – first removing the existing shelf1, then installing the upper and lower brackets into which the pole is secured2, and finally installing the actual pole and shelves. But at the end of the day, I was able to go from this:

Kitchen cabinet - before

Kitchen cabinet - before

To this wonderful set up, where the shelves spin around to provide easy access to all the splendours that my cabinet holds:

Kitchen cabinet - after

Kitchen cabinet - after

Kitchen cabinet - after

Hooray for kitchen zen!



  1. Which Devon had to help me with because as a shorty, I had insufficient arm length to really reach the back of the shelf to unscrews the screws that where there. []
  2. Which required me to actually get entirely inside the cabinet and prop myself up on pillows while in there. And, because I don’t own a drill, I had to use all the strength I could muster to screw the screws into the wood []

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  1. Lianna says:

    Looks awesome! Glad to help out.

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