Random Sunday Night Thoughts

  • Remember how I said that I hadn’t knocked off the item from my 101 list that I intended to do in January  1. I totally did that today, putting myself officially back on track!
  • When the zombie apocalypse happens, I’m really going to miss hot showers. I really, really love a good hot shower!
  • I got an assist in my hockey game today – hooray!
  • I’ve been really enjoying not taking the two courses offered in my program in January2, but the course that I am taking has a take-home mid-term that’s being released tomorrow, plus I received the course syllabus for one of the two courses that I start on the weekend after next – Financial Reporting3. I have to read one billion chapters and do eleventy billion practice problems before the class even starts. Trial by fire.
  • My Groupon for Bamboo yoga expires tomorrow. Quick review: I doubt I’ll ever go back to that studio. The regular prices are way too high for what you get; they closed down for two weeks over Christmas and when they re-opened, the class I liked the most (yoga for runners) no longer existed; and the schedule is quite poor – no yoga classes on Sundays at all, only one class on Friday (at 5 pm, and I often couldn’t make it home from work early enough to go to that one4 ), and no early morning classes at all. The redeeming quality of the studio was really that it was very close to my place, but that’s not nearly enough to keep me going. Fortunately, I have Groupons for 2 other studios that are in my ‘hood – hopefully one of them will work out better!
  • Devon just brought me a hot chocolate with marshmallows in it – I think it’s a sign that I should go and read a chapter of The Passage – which I’m really trying to get done before school really ramps up. I figure between all my hockey playing and tidying I’ve done today, I deserve a few minutes of R&R before bed!
  1. i.e., item #78 – sort through my many boxes of papers (most of which contain papers from my thesis), recycling the papers I don’t need and filing the ones I do need. []
  2. Especially when I read Facebook posts by my classmates about how much homework they have in those courses! Sorry guys! []
  3. Read: accounting. []
  4. Which was really too bad, as that instructor was the one I liked the most – he really made you work hard! []

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  • “When the zombie apocalypse happens, I’m really going to miss hot showers. I really, really love a good hot shower.”

    Dear FSM! I hadn’t even thought about this. Perhaps we need to develop a ZA-hot shower system. We could keep the water hot by burning zombie corpses. A=


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