Return of the Pratt

My easy going start to the year has now come to an end. As you may recall1, I did not take my usual weekend classes in Jan & early Feb, opting instead to take a Public Health Leadership class from a different Faculty at UBC. Given that I work in Public Health and I am building my leadership skills, it seemed like a relevant course to take. The thing with this class, though, is that it’s mostly online/self-study (with one in-person class per month2 and it’s spread out over 3 months, so the relative workload is much more manageable than the intensity of my usual weekend classes. Until now.

My next two classes from my program start tonight – in fact, at this very moment3, I am Skytraining it into class. Tonight, we have Strategy class. I happen to *love* Strategy and we’ve just been studying Strategy in my other class, so I feel that I’m pretty warmed up for that. But tomorrow, we have Financial Reporting – a.k.a., Accounting. Which means that this guy is back in my life:


Although probably this is a better reaction to that:

Accounting Textbook

Or perhaps this:

Accounting Textbook


Let the number crunching begin!

  1. What, you don’t keep track of my scheduling? Wait with bated breath to know what classes I am or am not taking? []
  2. Usually on a weekday so I just take a vacation day to go to that class and thus keep my weekends free. []
  3. I.e., when this publishes, not when you are reading it. Because I don’t know when you are reading this. What do you think I am, a psychic? []

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