Welcome to the Tank!

As you may recall, the fraggle of new frogs was put into quarantine to make sure they weren’t going to bring any strange froggy diseases into Copernicus’ tank. Sadly, on day 6 of the 7 day quarantine1, one of the froggies went belly up. RIP, Fake Shemp. Oh yeah, that frog was named Fake Shemp.

A new 7 day quarantine period was instituted and, happily, passed by without incident. Also, Loki stopped his obsessive floating, so now I’m having a tough time telling which frog is Loki. The other two frogs are named Balboa2 and Fonzie, but honestly I can’t tell who is who, unless Balboa is sitting on the big rocks.

Anyhoo, the quarantine ended last night, so I put the little guys into the tank with Copernicus. At first they were a bit cautious, but seemed to warm up to their new home pretty quickly and now they are happily swimming around the tank.

Here’s a photo of Copernicus befriending one of the new frogs:


Here’s Balboa checking out the new pile of big rocks that he gets to sit on:

Balboa the Frog

And here’s a frog looking at a picture of some sheep:


  1. Note: 7 days was chosen completely arbitrarily because there’s no good information out there on the interwebs to tell me how long a frog quarantine should actually last. []
  2. Because he loves sitting on the big rocks and the name Rocky was already used for a previous frog. []

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