Rampant Whining

 photo 30b2242.jpgYou know that thing where you are so tired that you just want to cry? Yeah, I have that times one billion right now. This is most likely the result of several *insanely* long days I’ve had over the past week:

  • Friday – work + school = 13.5 hrs
  • Saturday – school  = 13.5 hrs
  • Sunday – school = 5 hrs + I ran 20 km
  • Monday – work + meeting for school = 11 hrs
  • Tuesday – work = 11 hrs
  • today – work + meeting for school = 12.5 hrs

Note that these do not even include my travel time or time I’ve spent on homework other than meetings.

Apparently, however, after finishing my homework for this evening a few moments ago, instead of falling directly into bed, I felt the need to whine to the Internets about how bloody tired I am.

Now that I have accomplished this important whinging mission, I’m hitting the hay! G’night!

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