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Since my breakup, I have been missing some key pieces of furniture. When Devon and I had originally moved in together, we combined our various pieces to make a full set based on who had the better/better sized piece of furniture. I had a coffee table with a broken leg, where I just  balanced the table on said leg, but which could easily be knocked over with the slightly bump, so I gave that away on Craig’s List and we kept his brand new coffee table. I had a solid couch, while he had two mangy armchairs, so we kept my couch and his armchairs went to the landfill1. My kitchen table was too big for the kitchen area in our place, so I gave it to Kalev and we used Devon’s. My bed is kickass, so Devon’s was relegated to second bedroom status.

So, for the past couple of months, I’ve had no kitchen table and no coffee table, which I have to say are pretty central to my day-to-day life. Given my fondness for mindfulness when it comes to eating, I like to actually have my meals at the table, rather than scarfing down some grub at my desk or on the couch. But scarfing down my meals at my desk or on the couch with a TV tray table have been my only options, so it really was high time that I got myself a proper kitchen table! Similarly, I often use the coffee table as a place to put stuff. Like coffee. Or stuff I’m reading. Or my feet2.

Given my ridiculous schedule of late, I haven’t had much time to do furniture shopping. I did manage to pop over to Antique Alley, which is just two streets away from my building, but didn’t really see anything that caught my eye. Then my friend Heather told me about Champagne Taste Home Consignment store. Though her description of its location – “You know that seedy looking adult store with the bright yellow sign that you can see when you drive down Stewardson Way? It’s right behind there!” – made me wonder, it turned out that she was absolutely right about the awesomeness of this place – it’s full of beautiful, high-quality furniture in perfect condition, and the prices are excellent for the quality that you get3. Being that it’s a consignment store, the pieces in there are all different, so you don’t end up with furniture that looks like everyone else’s furniture4. In addition to finding a kitchen table and a coffee table, I absolutely fell in love with an armchair and had to buy that too!

Given that my Smart car is not exactly appropriate to transport furniture, Heather and her husband Dwayne came out with their pick up truck yesterday to help me get all my new purchases to my place!

The space I have for a kitchen table is not very large, so I was originally thinking I’d get a just a small table with two chairs. But then I found this miracle of modern design, the transformer table5, which is more than meets the eye!

Behold the 32″ x 32″ table and four chairs, which fits nicely in the wee kitchen spot in my apartment:


And now behold it after transformation, where you slide the top over and then pull up and over a second table top that was stealthily hiding beneath the first table top, effectively doubling the table size:


Next up, we have my fancy new glass top coffee table, with awesome swirly legs:

Coffee table

And finally, the pièce de résistance, my funky purple asymmetrical armchair of awesome:

Funky Purple Armchair

When I first saw this in the store, I was all “That is the coolest armchair ever!” And then I sat in it and was all “This is the most comfy armchair in the history of the universe!” I declared to my sister, who was with me at the time6, “This would be a perfect frog-looking chair7!8

Thanks again to Heather and Dwayne for bringing out their truck and helping me move all this stuff into my place!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some frog looking to do in my new frog-looking chair!


  1. Those chairs were so bad that he couldn’t even give them away on Craig’s List! This is the first time I’ve ever seen a piece of furniture that no one would take for free. See this posting for photos of some horrid furnishings that went like gangbusters. []
  2. The ottoman was also Devon’s, so it went with him as well. []
  3. As per usual, I have no affiliation with this store and am not getting any perks for mentioning them here. In fact, I dropped a large chunk of coin at this place. I just like to promote good businesses run by nice people! []
  4. One I finished my first go-round of school and got my student loans under control, I made a deal with myself that from then on, I would only buy good quality furniture that was built to last – what I like to call “grown up furniture”. I may also have recently declared this in my marketing strategy class when we did a case study on Ikea, so I definitely couldn’t go the Ikea route! []
  5. Yes, I realize that pretty much everyone has a table with a leaf you can insert in the middle to make it bigger. But this one has a set up where it’s all in one piece and slides out all futuristic-like. []
  6. I can’t believe that I never blogged about how my sister visited me for a few days in early June! She was at a conference in Victoria and then popped over to visit me for a few days. I was just scrolling through my blog to try to find the posting about her being here, but apparently I wrote no such posting. Blogger FAIL! []
  7. A “frog-looking chair”, for the uninitiated  is a chair in which one curls up to watch their frogs. See also: “frog-looking stool”: a stool one stands on to look at their frogs because they are only 5 ft tall and the frog tank is on a very high mantle! []
  8. Sadly, my last fraggle of frogs was not long for this world, so learning more about frog raising and then buying more frogs also went on my “to do” list. Which I then did later in the day… but that is for another blog posting! []

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  • When you come to visit (not “if”, but “when”), you can sit in that arm chair! And I will make some sort of delicious drink for the occasion! So, when are you coming to visit?


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  • It was actually only ever mentioned in a footnote, so I think most people didn’t see it. It’s such an awkward thing to mention in a blog posting, but I guess it has to be done.


  • I LOVE that chair! And I’m happy to hear that it is actually comfortable (I hate it when cool furniture is not comfortable). I’m sorry to hear about the break-up (I can’t read the footnotes without glasses and I usually can’t find my glasses), but I had kind of figured that out.


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