Happy Canada Day!

Don’t you just love when a holiday falls on a Monday? And don’t you extra super duper love it when it falls on a Monday and the entire long weekend has been super hot and sunny?

In honour of this glorious holiday, I give you a picture of me at the Pacific terminus of the Trans Canada highway.

Beth at the Pacific Terminus of the Transcanada Highway

I hope to visit the Atlantic terminus someday soon!

4 Replies to “Happy Canada Day!”

  1. You know that, except for today, Remembrance Day, and Christmas, all our holidays fall on a Monday fairly consistently, right? Or so I’ve been told. 😛

  2. Of course I know that. But *today* is one of the dated holidays, like Remembrance Day, Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day – hence my comment.

  3. Okay, I forgot about New Year’s but Boxing Day is not a holiday by law. And one of my main pet peeves.

    My main point was that it’s funny to say “don’t you just love it when holidays fall on a Monday?” when 60% of ours always do. Oh okay, 50% always do but 60% are weekend-adjacent (Good Friday always falling on a Friday, for some reason 😀 ).

    Of course, even though Victoria Day always falls on a Monday, figuring out which Monday it falls on is enough to drive one mad. Try getting Outlook to do that one as a recurring event!

  4. I specifically didn’t say “statutory” holiday because I know that drives you off the deep end. Boxing Day is a holiday in my contract, so I think it’s totally legit to call it a “holiday”.

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