Me Irish Eyes Are Smiling

Apparently my blog was down for a bit – I think leprechauns got in the tubes and messed thing up, but thankfully, unlike me, Kalev, the Tsar of the Geekery and Overseer of Deb0rking is not on vacation from overseeing the necessary deb0rking and my blog was returned to its fully functioning form, just in time for me to write a quick blog posting from Ireland!

I’m taking most of my photos on my real camera (as opposed to on my iPhone or iPad), so won’t be able to show you them here until I get home, as I didn’t bring my laptop and have no way of getting them off the SD card. But rest assured that you will be subjected to more vacation photos than you could ever want to see upon my return1. I’ve taken a few photos on my iPhone to post on Facebook, so if you know me on FB, you can check those out there.

And now, because I’m tired, here are a few random thoughts:

  • I’m writing from Connemara.
  • Tomorrow, I’m going to dip my foot into Galway Bay.
  • I’ve eaten more meat, bread, and cream during this trip so far than a person should eat in a lifetime.
  • I’m sure I’ll be eating a lot more yet.
  • Ireland feels very peaceful, which is surprising given that its past is full of misery and violence.
  • I saw a pigeon coop2 from the 1700s.
  • I want a pet sheep. And also I want to live in a castle.
  1. So far, between my Aunt Eileen and I, we have taken more than 3,000 photos. And that’s not even counting the ones my Aunt Lynn has taken. And we are only on day 4 of our tour of Ireland – day 9 of 23 days of vacation for me. []
  2. Technically, it was a “pigeon tower” in a castle []

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  • I am so glad you are having a great time! 2) one can never have enough meat and cream. 3) the violence was mainly in Belfast. 4) looking forward to the photos. 5) Do not kiss the blarney stone it is the germiest attraction in the world followed by the Seattle gum wall.


    • Oh, the violence wasn’t just mainly in Belfast. Though whole history of Ireland is full of violence – there were Viking raids, and Cromwell killed all sorts of Catholics. Combine that with potato famines – it’s been pretty bleak here!


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